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Live 2.5 Hour V.I.P Real Estate Investing Masterclass Workshop Invitation

An Open Invitation To All Aspiring Property Investors Wanting To Learn How One Of Australia's Leading Real Estate Agent and Ex-Bankers Reveals His 'Blue Print' On How He Built A Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio In His Spare Time…

From: Konrad Bobilak, Author, Real Estate & Finance Expert.

Location: Melbourne Australia

Subject: An open letter to anyone interested in building wealth using property by following a dynamic, proven 'blueprint' for safely building, structuring and automating a multi-million dollar property portfolio that has the potential to replace your income.

In Just 2.5hrs You Will Be Shown A Powerful "BLUEPRINT" You Can Use, To Safely Build, Structure And Automate A Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio… That Has The Potential To Replace Your Income For Life...

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Dear fellow success seeker,

When I was 18 I decided to become a millionaire…

In the beginning… even before I'd made a single dollar, I had this 'instinct' telling me that the keys to creating wealth were lurking somewhere inside me…

I wonder if you can relate to this?

It was at this young age, I decided that residential property was going to be the vehicle that was going to take me there…

The only problem was, I just didn't know where to start, or how to go about unlocking the hidden potential that property can offer…

Even worse...

I found the more books and magazines I read, the more I became confused…

I mean there were so many different strategies in property;

  • Property Developments,
  • Property Renovations,
  • Property Subdivisions,
  • Property Strata-Titling,
  • Property Options,
  • Buy and Hold

If that's not enough, there were also different types of locations of properties…

  • Inner city blue chip property,
  • Outer city new housing estates,
  • Regional property,
  • Regional mining towns,

To make it even worst, there were also a number of different 'types of properties you could buy in these areas…

  • Established houses,
  • New House and Land,
  • Townhouses,
  • Apartments

Perhaps you can relate to this…

I was completely overwhelmed and paralysed with too much information, conflicting options and ideas and didn't know where to start or who to trust…

But despite of this dilemma, I still believed and knew deep down that Property Investing was the right vehicle for me…

I’m glad that I stuck with it…

In fact, during my journey I have also become a Real Estate Agent, worked for a major Bank, become a Mortgage Broker and set up a successful Mortgage broking company as well as a Real Estate agency…

I have spent a large part of my career, working in property finance and sales just to soak up as much of the so called 'insiders secrets' that I could…

Guess what happened…

During my 20 years of attending various property seminars and workshops in Australia and internationally, I met dozens of successful property investors who had managed to build multi-million dollar property portfolios.  In some cases replacing their incomes completely.
Some of these people have become personal friends of mine and are now considered part of my investment network…

But it gets better…

Whilst working in residential and commercial banking, looking after high-net-worth individuals, I had the privilege of seeing the inner-workings of multi-million dollar property portfolios from the inside-out!

What I mean by that is I actually wrote the loans for these property investors, whilst liaising with their financial planners, accounts and solicitors…
Would you like to learn how they structured their portfolio and what properties they were purchasing and why?


(Don't miss out – only 100 seats available!)

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Over the last two decades I have found that there is a massive amount of 'misinformation' that is responsible for stopping many Australian from setting themselves up for life!

Not only that, over the years I have observed very few people in Australia who actually achieve their objectives in building great wealth by building large property portfolios…

The latest figures from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) show that 72.8% of Australian property investors own just 1 investment property. 18% of Australian property investors own exactly 2 investment properties, and less than 1 per cent of property investors in Australia own 6 investment properties or more….

So let me ask you something…

"Would you like to learn what only the 1 per cent of property investors in Australian know and practice?"

If your answer is 'Yes', then join me for an evening by attending my exclusive 'Property Finance Master-Class', here are the dates;

West Waters Hotel

10-20 Lake Street
Caroline Springs
VIC 3023

13th June 2015

2.5 Hours Live Event

Registration: 6:30pm
Start: 7:00Pm
End: 9:30pm

During this 2.5 hour live event I will show you my exact 'blue-print,’ that has enabled me to build, structure and automate a multi-million dollar property portfolio.

The best part about this portfolio is that is takes virtually no time to manage and run and you will be able to continuously add more properties to it, every single year…

Please note that I am only running a hand-full of these exclusive events in 2015, and seats are strictly limited to 100 people per session…

This Event is relevant to anyone who fits into the following 4 categories:

  1. You are a 'first home buyer' wanting to understand the very best loans that are available to you and how to best structure your finances in order to repay your home in record time, often in under 10 years. During this event you will learn why it's crucial to set up the correct loan structures before your very first investment property purchase, and how to use the banks money at no cost in order to reduce the amount of interest that is being charged on your home loan. This will cut years off your home loan and save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments over the life of the loan. You will also learn how to build equity in your property faster than you thought possible, and how to best structure your first investment property purchase correctly.
  2. You are an 'aspiring property investor' wanting to buy your very first investment property and are unsure of how to best structure your loans. During this event you will learn the best way to optimize your property portfolio structure from day one, revealing many little known loan structuring techniques that maximise your borrowing capacity, whilst maximising flexibility, future access to equity, as well as being tax effective and minimising risk.
  3. You are an 'established property investor' and have secured between 1 and 5 investment properties, but have hit a financial 'brick wall' and are maxed out, or just unsure of how to reach the next level of sophistication. During this event you will learn how to beat the banks at their own game by understanding the 'exact formulas' that the banks use to work out how much money you can borrow, the Debt Servicing Ratio (DSR).
  4. You are an 'established property investor' and have realised that you have made some fundamental mistakes in the way that you've structured your property portfolio due to 'bad advice.' If something has held you back from aggressively acquiring more property, such as allowing lenders to 'cross collateralise' your property portfolio, or you have an impaired credit file, have an irregular stream of income, or are simply using 'antiquated' Principle and Interest Loans (P&I), you must read this. During this event you will gain an insight into the industry's 'best practices' that have been utilised by other successful property investors who have built and structured multi-million dollar property portfolios. This event will dismiss all the industry arguments of what is considered 'good', and 'bad' loan structuring, specifically from the 'investors perspective,' and secondly, you will learn how to fix your mistakes and align yourself with lenders who understand your needs and requirements.

Plus, tickets are normally $97 but for a limited time your ticket is FREE!

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Konrad Bobilak

B.Bus (Mgt)
Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) FNS50804
Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) CPP40307
Certificate IV in Financial Services (Mortgage Broking) FNS40804.

Konrad Bobilak, the CEO and founder of Investors Prime Real Estate, has spent his entire career in the Financial Services, Banking, and Real Estate industries in Melbourne.

Konrad's formal education consists of a Bachelor of Business Management (B.Bus.Mgt),at Monash University, specialising in Organizational Change, later undertaking further studies in Financial Planning, Mortgage Brokering and his ultimate passion, Real Estate. In addition, he has extensive experience in Managed Funds, Risk Insurance, Real Estate Sales, Commercial Lending, Residential Lending and Asset Finance as well as being a Financier for one of the four major banks. In his variety of roles, working predominantly with high net worth individuals, Konrad has literally had a wealth of exposure to the unique mindset and financial structures of truly successful people and investors. It is his experience and insight that renders him a most astute investor himself, having personally built a multi-million-dollar property portfolio in Melbourne and Queensland over the last decade; he truly preaches what he practices.

Konrad's unique insights into 'Wealth Psychology' combined with a highly specialised knowledge of the Finance and the Real Estate Industry in Australia, have made him a sought after Real Estate and Finance 'Key Note' speaker and successful real estate investor. Having taught tens of thousands of people in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, Konrad has had the unique opportunity of sharing the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferris, and Randi Zuckerberg in audiences of up to five thousand people. Konrad has also been a regular contributor of articles to some of Australia's leading published real estate investing media.

With real hands on practice in building start-up companies to multi-national, Konrad's unique balance of practical in-the-field sales experience, first-hand knowledge in finance and real estate, as well as executive management experience, has resulted in Konrad been one of the sought after consultants in his field as well as being recognized by many as the one of the most progressive thinkers in the Industry at present.

Here's a Sneak Preview of What You Will Discover By Attending This Unique 2.5 hrs Live Event:

  1. Why now is the 'PERFECT ECONOMIC STORM' for property investors and learn what you need to action IMMEDIATELY to make sure you collect your slice of the profits that will be made by savvy property investors across Australia.
  2. How to understand property cycles, state by state, and how to hone in, with laser-like precision, on Melbourne's Hot Spots in 2015. Learn how to identify the exact type of properties (Apartments, Townhouses or Detached Houses) you should be buying in different areas in order to maximize capital growth in the shortest period of time.
  3. The exact way to build, structure and automate your property portfolio, that is virtually the exact opposite of what the banks and lenders want you to do.
  4. Learn the exact formula that is used by all the banks to assess your borrowing capacity, this is called the DSR Ratio (Debt Serviceability Ratio) and understand the importance of buying a combination of Cash-Flow Positive Properties and Negatively Geared Growth Properties. This alone will save you years and even decades of frustration, and countless possible rejections from banks and lenders.
  5. The huge difference between property 'OWNERSHIP' and 'CONTROL' via the use of corporate trustees and trusts, that the rich exploit and the poor do not.
  6. Learn which properties to buy first, Cash-Flow Positive Properties OR Negatively Geared Growth Properties, this is essential if your plan is to continuously buy property year after year. If you get this wrong you will hit a brick wall with banks and lenders very quickly. The order that you buy them will determine how quickly you can build your property portfolio and achieve your financial goals.
  7. And truckloads MORE insider secrets to catapult your property investing success….

Here is the thing…

I certainly wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I always regretted not getting the ‘rich kids’ financial education from my parents like some people do…

But if you ever aspire to accumulate extraordinary wealth during your lifetime, then you MUST understand this…

The rich know 'certain things' about creating wealth that the poor and middle classes do not!

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Without this essential knowledge you could easily stay on the 'bumpy road to nowhere' in comparison to making any real money in property…

In fact most Australian’s simply follow the example of their parents when it comes to money and guess where they end up?

That's right… exactly the same place!

Now that wouldn't be so bad if your parents are ‘savvy millionaire investors’ but that's never going to be the case for 99.9% of us (as well-intentioned as our parents are…) Let's face it… We all know we need to invest our money somewhere in order to guarantee a decent life beyond our working years, agreed? (I sure hope you're nodding right now.) The problem is most of us are held back by irrational fears when it comes to deciding exactly where to invest our hard earned money, wouldn't you also agree?

It just becomes easier to bury your head in the sand than to become 'proactive' in overcoming these fears…

The sort of things I'm talking about are…

  • FEAR of the unknown
    • FEAR of making a mistake that will lead to poverty
      • FEAR of losing what you've worked hard to save
        • FEAR of being seen as money hungry or a 'dreamer'

But let me tell you something I learnt early-on that allowed me to overcome these fears;

As an example…

Let's say that you are earning $60,000 per year and you are wanting to earn $120,000 per year.  The reason you are not making $120,000 per year currently is simply because you do NOT KNOW HOW to earn $120,000 per year, if you knew how to do it, YOU WOULD BE DOING IT!

I know this may be unsettling, but I encourage you to stay with me as I am about to give you the solution that will shift your mindset that may enable you to create an explosion in your earning potential!

Put simply, if you want to increase your wealth… (And by the very fact that you are still reading this I believe you do) You simply need to release the ‘hand brake’ and start heading in the right direction!

In other words… TAKE ACTION!

"But how do I know which is the right direction?"

Well, here's where it gets really exciting for you…

Now Ask Yourself this Question

"How much Money and How Many Opportunities have slipped through your Fingers in the Past 10 years just BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW THESE STRATEGIES?"

Reserve your Seat Now!

If the answer to the above question runs into the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost opportunities, then ask yourself this next important question;

"What New Knowledge Do I Need To Acquire NOW to make sure that the next 10 years are different from the last?"

I heard some time ago that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!

So, if you feel that you have missed out on an insane amount of opportunities over the last 10 years, or you are not aware of the above mentioned strategies…

Then this is your personal invitation to get what you want out of life right now!

If you are ready to give yourself a chance to create real wealth and you're ready for real results not just your wish list of fantasies, I guarantee this unique educational experience will change your life forever!

Even if you're a seasoned investor and your properties are humming along nicely, you can still learn from this experienced team of experts…

This is your opportunity to get what You Truly Want Out Of Life Right Now and profit from the failures and successes of other investors, saving yourself decades of pain and frustration!

Think about this…

Be honest with yourself, if the thought of investing in the property market scares you, then you will miss out, once again, from the opportunity of a lifetime!
Just like every other property cycle in the past, there will be winners and losers…

Which side you find yourself on will depend upon the decisions you make now and how many new skills you are willing to acquire that will enable you to swim against the tide of popular belief…

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…"

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5 Reasons why it is inconceivable not to attend The "Property Finance Master Class" Live Event…

Reason # 1:

The current economic environment has created a 'perfect storm' for investors willing to implement very specific investment strategies before it's too late!

A wise friend of mine once told me that me that the property and share-markets are simply vehicles that transfer wealth from the uneducated to the educated, and I totally agree…

Reason # 2:

How much would you pay for over 2.5 hours of tightly packed, content rich, one-on-one training? I have often said, “the most expensive advice is often free advice, and the cheapest advice is advice where the consultant charges you $1000+ per hour!”

Think about it… spending 1 hour with an expert could save you thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary tax payments, save you years of potential pain and frustration, or save you thousands of dollars from making costly property investing mistakes…

Reason # 3:

Imagine you could get access to the best business minds and immerse yourself in an environment that actually pushes you to succeed!
Your knowledge base, which makes up the entirety of everything that you know, can be divided into three separate segments.

  • There are things that you 'know that you know'
  • There are things that you 'know that you don't know'
  • There are things that you 'don't know that you don't know'

Inside the 'Property Investment Master-class Live Event,' you will be exposed to investment property strategies that 'you didn't know that you didn't know,' but chances are that sophisticated investors are implementing them every single day!

Reason # 4:

The timing of the market right now in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane is perfect for buying the 'right type' of property, in the right area, structured the right way.

Did you know that house prices to June 2014 increased in value by 10.1 per cent according to RP Data. This was the fastest median price appreciation in Australian houses since 2010.

The stand out performer was Sydney with an amazing growth of 15.4%, followed by Melbourne at 9.4%, Brisbane 7.0% and Darwin 5.7%.

Having said that, and despite these favourable market conditions, many property investors will continue to lose money investing in property, just like they do, year after year, due to lack of knowledge and lack of understanding…

Reason # 5:

This advanced education eliminates confusion, procrastination and allows you to take action by displaying you the simplest step by step procedure to follow!

During this exclusive live event, you will acquire a step-by-step system which will enable you to learn how to scrutinise every property and off the plan development, and more importantly, to understand the 'fundamentals' of conducting unbiased due-diligence.

Plus you will gain a unique insight on how to build and structure a multi-million dollar property portfolio correctly.

This section of the workshop will literally save you years and potentially hundreds of thousands of unnecessary interest repayments on your owner-occupied house, and more importantly, you'll learn how to buy property year after year, while others will be scratching their heads in disbelief.


Reserve your Seat Now!

The information you'll receive here is at the absolute cutting edge and in-step with current market conditions…

(Unlike many 'how to' courses that have been sitting in the warming trays a bit too long…)

In fact, you'll be leap-years ahead of every other investor in terms of having an easy to follow, practical, real world guide for profiting from almost any market you encounter in the future!

I'm sure you can appreciate just how much effort has gone into putting all this information together…

In fact, by the time you've attended and watched the 'Property Finance Master-class Live Event' you will have a better understanding of how to make a fortune in property than nearly most of the so-called experts out there…

We could easily charge $1,000 or even $2,000 for this truly life-changing educational event, considering the cost of making this material available and the incredible results you'll get by carefully following the advice inside…

BUT, In a ‘temporary moment of insanity,’ I've decided to push the price down to a ridiculous '$97.00' FREE so that no-one would EVER be able to accuse us of not giving them the opportunity of making it "BIG" at least once in their lives…


I will throw in a copy of my book 'Australian Property Finance Made Simple,' which you can pick up at the venue when you register.

So, No excuses!

SO What's Your Next Step?
You have two choices;

Keep doing exactly what you've been doing until now and pray that someday, a rich Uncle remembers you in his will… or that your numbers come up in next week's Lottery…

Or, click on the link below and grab this opportunity with both hands! Commit to making it work knowing that you'll be backed by the best education available and the best team of qualified experts cheering for you and pushing you to succeed the whole way!

Plus, tickets are normally only $97 but for a limited time your ticket is FREE!

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Who This Opportunity Is For…
  • You want to set yourself up for the future and you're looking for some qualified, expert advice on how to reach your goals
  • You've been meaning to start investing for a while but you haven't found the time or a good program you could trust…
  • You're an experienced property investor who wants to ramp up your returns and take your personal fortune to a higher level
  • You're new to property, you earn a good income now and want to turn it into long lasting personal wealth… but don't know where to begin
  • You're looking for a path to success, a new skill-set that can take you to the level of financial rewards that you desire, a ‘blueprint’ that has been proven to work time and time again…
Who This Opportunity Is NOT For…
  • Anyone looking for yet another ‘get rich quick scheme’ Lazy people who don't have the motivation to get off their butts and take action
  • Compulsive whiners who moan about everything from the price of butter to the weather
  • Shooting stars who get excited for a moment then deflate like a hot air balloon at the first sign of work


One last thing – A Serious Warning!

Reserve your Seat Now!

What I must warn you about is the dangerous emotional cancer of procrastination. I find when somebody knows that ‘x’ is the right thing to do but it requires them doing something out of the ordinary, they play a game with themselves…. they set everything aside to ‘think it over’ or take care of it ‘a little later.’ Beware!!

I'll tell you something, successful entrepreneurs do NOT engage in these mind games and delays.

‘Action’ is the Key my friend…

I hope you choose to do the right thing for yourself and your family's sake… and that your future becomes all that you want it to be and MORE!

Just imagine... in the near future, instead of getting up early and battling the traffic, you wake up when you feel like it, with a smile on your face because you know that you are completely financially free...

To your success,

P.S. Please note that the 'Real Estate Investing Master-class Live Event' is strictly limited to a maximum of 100 attendees and I am only literally running a handful of these events in 2015, so there is a chance that you might miss out if you don't reserve your place right now.